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Course Duration: 4 Months| 250 hours 

Minimum Qualification: Class 10th passed and above

Course Content:

Basic – Level I

Basic – Level II

Advance – Level III

Embark on an exhilarating voyage into the captivating world of hair design with the Diploma in Hair Designing at Orane International Hyderabad. As a dedicated hair designer, your canvas extends from root to tip, enabling you to weave creativity into every strand and unveil the unique beauty within each client. This transformative program not only imparts cutting-edge skills but also nurtures your innate creativity, positioning you for a highly rewarding career. Let’s delve into the comprehensive curriculum, industry insights, and the unique educational experience that sets Orane International Hyderabad apart.

Empowerment through Education:

The Diploma in Hair Designing is a holistic journey that transcends the conventional realms of hairstyling. Orane International Hyderabad, a recognized leader in beauty education, offers an immersive experience designed to unleash your potential. The curriculum is meticulously crafted, ensuring a perfect blend of theory and hands-on practice. The program’s state-of-the-art facilities and world-class hair styling tools provide an ideal setting for aspiring hair designers to hone their craft.

Curriculum Highlights: Basic Levels (I and II):

The educational odyssey begins with a deep dive into the fundamentals of hairdressing. Trainees are acquainted with essential aspects such as hygiene, sanitation, sterilization, health, safety, hazards, and risk. Understanding the anatomy of hair and scalp, recognizing various hair disorders, and mastering shampooing, conditioning, sectioning, and Indian head massage lay the groundwork for future expertise.

Hair Styling and Hair Designing Course in Hyderabad

Thermal Styling Techniques:

The journey through the Diploma in Hair Designing introduces participants to in-demand thermal styling techniques. From the intricacies of ironing, crimping, and tonging to the finesse of blow-drying, hot rollers, Velcro rollers setting, and waving, every aspect of thermal styling is covered. Trainees gain hands-on experience with over 25 distinct haircuts, including iconic styles such as Uniform Layers, Graduation, A-Line Bob, and more.

Hair Care Expertise:

A comprehensive understanding of hair care is imparted, encompassing herbal treatment, professional deep conditioning, and cosmetic treatments for prevalent concerns like dandruff and hair loss. The art of hair coloring is explored, ranging from basic color knowledge to advanced techniques such as global coloring, and streaking for both female and male clients.

Professionalism and Management:

Beyond technical skills, the curriculum emphasizes the development of a professional image. Trainees delve into salon management, client records, analysis sheets, and the efficient preparation and maintenance of the work area, preparing them for real-world challenges.

Career Opportunities:

The journey doesn’t conclude with education; it serves as a gateway to diverse career opportunities. Graduates of the Diploma in Hair Designing find themselves well-positioned for success in esteemed hair salons, as freelance hair designers, or even as entrepreneurs managing their hair styling ventures.

A Unique Educational Experience:

Orane International Hyderabad takes pride in offering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. Instructors, seasoned industry experts, guide participants through precision cuts, creative styling, and the latest industry trends. The curriculum is dynamic, keeping pace with the ever-evolving world of hair styling, ensuring that graduates possess the versatility and proficiency required in the competitive industry.

Transform Your Passion into a Profession:

Enrolling in the Diploma in Hair Designing at Orane International Hyderabad is more than an educational choice; it’s a transformative step towards turning your passion for hair design into a flourishing profession. Unleash your creativity, refine your skills, and step into a world of limitless possibilities in the captivating realm of hair styling. As you navigate through the comprehensive curriculum and immersive learning experience, you’ll find yourself well-equipped to take on the challenges and opportunities that await in the dynamic beauty industry.

The journey doesn’t stop here; it’s an ongoing exploration of creativity, skill refinement, and career evolution. Orane International Hyderabad is not just a learning institution; it’s a launchpad for aspiring hair designers to soar into a future filled with exciting possibilities.

Discover the best Hairstyling Course in Hyderabad to kickstart your hairstyling career. Explore the latest trends and techniques.

Orane International Hyderabad invites you to explore a realm of possibilities through our specialized Hairstyling Course in Hyderabad. These meticulously crafted courses are tailored to align with your career aspirations, offering comprehensive training to equip you with the essential skills for success in the hairstyling industry.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully structured to cover a broad spectrum of hairstyling techniques, encompassing everything from precise cutting to the art of coloring and the finesse of styling. Practical, hands-on training takes center stage as the cornerstone of skill development. It’s not just about theoretical knowledge; it’s about actively engaging in the craft, donning your sleeves, and sculpting your own artistic creations.

Our commitment to holistic learning extends beyond the classroom. We invite you to personally visit Orane International Hyderabad to assess our state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and the abundant resources available to our students. A well-equipped learning environment plays a pivotal role in enhancing your educational journey, providing the perfect canvas for nurturing your hairstyling talents.

If you harbor a passion for the hairstyling world and aspire to transform that passion into a thriving career, look no further than our Hairstyling Course in Hyderabad at Orane International Hyderabad. We are devoted to empowering your journey and turning your hairstyling aspirations into a tangible reality.


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In conclusion, your journey towards a successful career in the hairstyling industry begins with the specialized Hairstyling Course at Orane International Hyderabad. Our meticulously crafted programs are tailored to align with your career goals, providing comprehensive training to equip you with the essential skills needed for success.

With a curriculum designed to encompass a wide range of hairstyling techniques, including precision cutting, coloring, and styling, our emphasis on practical, hands-on training sets the foundation for your skill development. Beyond theory, it’s about actively engaging in the art of hairstyling.

We encourage you to visit us at Orane International Hyderabad to see firsthand our state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and abundant resources at your disposal. A well-equipped learning environment is pivotal in enhancing your educational journey and nurturing your hairstyling talents.

So, if you’re passionate about hairstyling and dream of turning that passion into a thriving career, our Hairstyling Courses in Hyderabad at Orane International Hyderabad are your perfect gateway. We are committed to empowering your journey and transforming your hairstyling aspirations into a tangible reality. Your exciting hairstyling adventure awaits.